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For Social Events Serving Alcohol

(Dances, Weddings, Quinceanera’s, Bar Mitzvahs’, Proms, Fundraisers & Other Social Events)  

1)      Security Personnel are required for events serving alcohol with a requirement of 1 guard per 100 people.  Additional guards may be required if client is serving hard alcohol, or if the activities or event warrant additional security.  Security Guards must be in place when the event starts, and must be scheduled for a minimum of 15 minutes following the end of an event.   

2)      Security Personnel monitors entry area to enforce entrance policy for that event. This includes everyone – guests, volunteers, hired staff, etc. Security personnel checks to make sure no outside beverages, weapons, or other unnecessary items are brought in.  Items confiscated will not be returned to the violator.  This includes alcohol.   

3)      Security Personnel enforces NO in/out policy. Anyone leaving the party will not be allowed to return, unless specific arrangements are agreed to in advance with the MAFC and the Security Company.  

4)      The actual attendance may exceed the estimate by 20%.  There will be no admittance beyond 20% of estimate.  Violations may result in a cancellation of the event.  

 5)      Security Personnel monitors all gates, the parking lot, and other entrances to The Center. (Kitchen, backstage, etc.)

   6)      Security personnel monitors the bar and bar area. Alcohol can only be served for a 5-hour period.  One security person may be required to be stationed at the bar area to make sure there is no underage drinking or over indulgence by guests. Security Personnel may check identification of a guest when there is a question regarding underage service and drinking.   

7)      The Client is responsible for the actions of their guests and must adhere to all agreements they make with the Security Company and the Mary Agatha Furth Center.   If the client and their guests do not adhere to the agreements, the event can be shut down immediately.   

8)      The Client is responsible to insure that there is no underage drinking.  An Event may be shut down if underage drinking is discovered.

Alcohol and Security Information

Hours of Event:  Event Start:       End time:  Estimated Guests: 
Security Schedule:      In time     Out time Security Firm # of Guards
Alcohol: Beer # of Kegs   Wine/Champagne?    Hard Alcohol?
How much and What Kind? 
 5hr service   to
 Bartenders:    Schedule:                 

 Security Agreement:

 Please sign and date the following:

1)      The Client agrees to all of the policies listed on the Security Policy.

 2)      Security Company will allow the client and agencies to release information to the Mary Agatha Furth Center.

3)      Furth Center will act as agent for the client to supervise security guards.

Client Name (Person or Contact): 
 Event Name :
Event Date: 


Download this form as a pdf file and fax it to us.